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IDirectSound3DBuffer8::GetConeOrientation question

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Hi, I am currently developing an audio game (no visuals) for the visually impaired. I currently have a player and an enemy and I am a newbie in using DirectSound. At the moment, I know how to set the player's orientation using IDirectSound3DListener8::SetOrientation thus when I place several sound objects in the world and change my player(listener)'s orientation , it appears that the player is turning. However, I want to make my 3d sounds have certain orientation too. I am creating an NPC and I want him to turn around facing the player when they are at a certain distance. I noticed there's no SetOrientation method in the IDirectSound3DBuffer8 interface. I am wondering if using IDirectSound3DBuffer8::SetConeOrientation instead would project my sound in a certain orientation? (And of course set the appropriate angles etc as well). Is this the correct way of doing it? At the moment all my sounds seems to always face one orientation or sometimes appear to be emitting from the wrong position/direction. Also, how would I set it so that the NPC's sound won't be heard if he is a certain distance away from the listener. I have tried IDirectSound3DBuffer8::SetMinDistance (and set the distance to around 5) but I can still hear the NPC whistling when my listener is at 10m away. Sorry for my questions but I am fairly new to this and hope someone could offer some help. I did read the msdn articles but I still don't seem to understand the concept.

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