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simulating battles

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Hi I read and search on the forum, but seems there is not much detail talking about this. So I would like to post my question here. I like the total war game e.g. shogun total war and am interested in creating (programming) a game like this, notably focusing on simulating battles, where there are military units (belongs to different countries) and they fighting on the battle exploiting e.g. military formation to win the battle. As I understand the skills needed include AI (GOAP, stat machines), etc. I understand there many other skills required before starting doing this. Therefore, my question is - if I want to start creating such kind of game (not the whole game e.g. shogun total war), which focus on the battle field, what knowledge/ skills do I need to have/ learn? I have experience on programming e.g. Java/ C several years and would like to learn C++ if necessary. But basically may make use of existing tool such as game engine if there already have one that I can use. For instance, I search on the internet; it seems like jMonkey provides functions needed for programming game like this. Would anyone be able to give some advice on what else I need to learn in order to achieve my goal? I appreciate any suggestion.

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