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hi guys, i can't for the life of me find anyway of getting collision into my game, does anyone know of a easy library to use, i have had a look at Newton, but all the examples are in open gl and i need to implement it in directx as my graphics pipeline is set up for directx. Please help a list of good collision libraries and/or full source code. Thanks Jamescobras

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... but all the examples are in open gl and i need to implement it in directx ...

That's not a problem. Because physics libs/engines have not beed designed for just DX or just GL.

You can use any of these engines: Tokamak, Newton or nVidia PhysX. Implementation and simulation are easy to use. But I recommend you to start with Tokamak. Here some examples:

A few things you have to do:
* setup the engine (I mean, engine object and physics simulation parameters, like gravity vector, static/dynamic friction etc.) and collision objects/primitives (mass, friction parameters, density etc.)
* start the simulation (for a time dt)
* get the results. These results are just transformation matrices (i.e. world matrices). Just assign these values to your meshes/objects.
NOTE: nVidia PhysX engine's matrix structure is column-major but DX uses row-major. This may be a problem for you. But transpose can solve this ;)

If you want any sample code, I'll be here; I can post Tokamak and nVidia PhysX sample programs/sources I developed in DX.

Hope this helps.


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hi i understand tokamak well (well as well as a newbie can) i have been playing with the code but when a slot it into my game code i get this irritating compile error (before this one i had a mega load (21) about external symbols, i checked the included headers and libs (MSVS 2008) and ended up manually including every thing) any way the current error is

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __iob referenced in function "public: float __thiscall TConvex::GetBoundRadius(void)" (?GetBoundRadius@TConvex@@QAEMXZ)

i presumed this was a function in one of the math headers so i included the directory in the options and still no joy.

Also i had to ignore LIBC.lib, all of this just doesn't smell right. Any chance of a different engine with full directx source code for beginners.

I have had a brief look at nVidia but i would like something free, i only want simple collide and 'laser' collision but room for expansion would be nice.

Help guys, suggestions, links to tutorials and helpful articles please. I have spent a while googling but havent found anything suitable for beginners, i must be looking in the wrong place.

Help GameDev!


P.S. programci_84/Rohat some simple nVidia source code would be nice, i think i have given up on tokamak really and the documentation is not great.

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