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Galaxy Empire Space Sim

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I have just put up a new release of the game engine and I am looking for a few testers to help with debugging the multiplayer code. Click the link below to get the autoupdater for the game. If you have used any DB Software programs, it should work fine the first time. NOTE : This game does NOT use the FL game engine, it is being written from scratch. Click here to visit the AU thread Click here to see progressive screenshots of the development Galaxy Empire is a full 3D space and FPS simulator. It is similar to a game called Freelancer made by Digital Anvil/Microsoft. The game has been in development for over a year now and now contains many of the features I had been wanting. * Examples include asteroid fields containing 10,000 asteroids. * Thousands of plants and trees randomly placed across the surface of a planet. * Server-side markets, this includes persistant items which when sold to a base remain in the base's inventory. These can be bought by anyone docking there. * 3D rooms are also functional, each separate room on a base can have it's own 3D model. * FPS style planet surfaces. For now it is simply limited to exploration but later own it will contain a full-blown first person handling such as fighting, vehicle support and building creation by the players. * Fully programmable graphics engine, everything is stored in plain text scripts (INI files). * A scripted FX animation engine including weapon effects and static effects. * Support for up to 512 star systems. * Support for up to 256 players online. * Uses standard DX models for the 3D objects in-game, this means most 3D modeller programs can export to a working model for the game. * Supports every image format that DX supports including TGA, BMP, PNG, JPG etc. * Full HUD implementation with triggerable hit boxes. * System to system jump gate support. * Fog-of-war style exploration, you don't get to see the system on your starmap until you visit it. * Full multiplayer gaming, single-player style gaming will eventually be implemented as story-line missions. * Supports both cube-mapped and sphere-mapped skyboxes. * Has full handling of texture sliding. * The script engine already supports over 500 commands for building the game universe. There will be a few thousand by the time the game is complete. * Mouse controlled handling is used for moving and targetting. [Edited by - LancerSolurus on April 18, 2009 9:53:27 PM]

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