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Game Demo: Bicycle Jousting

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I've been working on this game for about a month or so. Basically, it's a bicycle jousting game as mentioned in the title. In this game you and another member of your bicycle gang go at it to see who is the best. It's a contest of speed and agility. Your goal is to knock the other biker (the one with the feather on his helmet) off his bike. This can be done by accelerating faster than your opponent and running into him with your front wheel up. You can also use various weapons that are dropped from the sky like rockets, hammers, and the infamous trail spear. Note that this is only a demo and improvements are yet to be made. One such feature that I will be implementing is multiplayer mode which will allow two human players to compete against eachother - that where I believe the game's true value will come from. For now you can only play a computer player and there are only three levels. I am open to criticism as well as praise. Game: http://www.platformisis.com Hover over the "Games" menu and select "Trail Hogs". The game is also featured on the front page.

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