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The Epic Dohl Percussion Ensemble

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Spring is here, so out with the doldrums, and in with the Dohl Drums! We're a little late on this new Tonehammer release, because we couldn't stop fine-tuning it. It ended up a little bigger than we planned, but here it is! We had decided to do a big follow-up to our Epic Toms, while leaning in a slightly older-school direction. We went out and got ourselves three different Punjabi Dohl Drums, in 13", 14" and 15" sizes. Dohl drums are a sort of di-tonal drum dating back to the 15th century, with a "bass" side - using a rawhide drum head - and a "snare" side , which has a modern Mylar drum head. We took them to our favorite big hall for a nice big ensemble session. We used traditional dohl sticks, which come in a pairs of one fat hardwood stick and one thin reed-like stick (bamboo or rattan?). We also used metal and nylon brushes, hot-rods, marching percussion mallets and our bare hands to get as wide a range of tones as possible. We focused on single hits, but also captured a large number of bpm-based rolls, crescendos and effects. We also recorded several hours of ensemble rhythm beds and chopped them into around 870 unique 1 and 2 bar loops, separated into categories of 80, 90, 110, 120, 130 and 140 bpm phrases. We choose to record this library in wet in a hall in order to capture the massive body and power that these drums produce. However, we're also going to explore the drums one-by-one up close and bone dry in the coming months for those who prefer their instruments as raw and naked as possible. Additionally, we recorded this library in fancy 48kHz/24 bit, but we're also offering the standard 16/44 version as a lower-cost option for those who prefer extra performance over extra bits. Like most of our libraries, this sucker has over 10 velocity layers and 10 round-robin variations per note, so you can expect to rack up a high voice-count very quickly. Here are the nuts and bolts of this library, along with a few demos. 20 instrument patches, 2, 063 samples 16/44 version: 1.1 GB installed, 535 MB .rar download, $89 intro offer (goes to $99 on 5/1) 24/48 version: 1.7 GB installed, 1.3 GB .rar download, $99 intro offer (goes to $109 on 5/1) library info : Extensive read me install, patch and hint documentation (.pdf) Mp3 interview with Troels and I, talking about the Epic Dhol library Epic Dhol Demo 1 Featuring: Tonehammer Epic Dhol. Tonehammer Anti-Drum 2, Epic Toms, Francesca. Custom Orchestra and Live Guitar. Demo by Troels Folmann Epic Dhorl Demo 1 (Dhol only) Epic Dhol Demo 2 Featuring: Tonehammer Epic Dhol. Tonehammer Anti-Drum 2, Epic Toms, Francesca. Custom Orchestra and Live Guitar. Demo by Troels Folmann Epic Dhorl Demo 2 (Dhol only) Epic Dhol Demo 3 Featuring: Tonehammer Epic Dhol. Demo by Troels Folmann

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