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Britonia - Medieval RPG

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Hello Everybody, I would like to introduce my current game project to the community here at! I have been working on it now for about a year at a leasurely pace in my limited spare time. Originally I wanted to create a trading game similar to that of the old Elite games, with procedurally generated content. As the medieval era is my favorite for game settings, I decided to create a medieval RPG, and so I started to work on 'Britonia'. About te project: I am writing it in C# using XNA. So far I have been concentrating almost solely on the game world. As you can see from the screenshots below, I have implemented a procedural planet renderer, and a 'solar system' scene graph for the planets in the vacinity of Britionia, and it is possible to traverse the worlds and moons at the 'meter' level. Unfortunately, I wouldn't consider any part of the 'game' finished yet, as there are still a lot of things to be completed, but the screenshots are starting to look better with each passing month. I have had a lot of inspirations for this game, such as the original Elite, and Ysaneya's dev journal entries and Infinity! (which is awesome), and a few other places. I have also created a web site for the project and a dev journal which people will hopefully find useful, and whenever I have anything new to show, then I will update the site with screenshots aswell. Here is the my website For those of you interested, here is the
">latest Britonia video on youtube, and there are a few older videos on there aswell. As for the project, there is still a lot of work to be done, but as I am developing it for fun, I haven't set myself any deadlines or anything. What can I say, I'm optimistic :D Comments and constructive criticism are welcome :) -Lintford Pickle and some screenshots... View of mountains accross an ocean (obviously) Flying at high altitude - the scattering doesn't look to great in 

this shot, but the variables can be fine tuned to create different effects Looking down from a coastal hill

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