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Hopp 3D/2D engine/framework

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Hello! I´ve been working on a humble 3D/2D game engine for some time and i wanted to know people´s opinion of it :). Its still in alpha stage and when finished I envision it as some kind of HGE (haaf´s game engine) with 3D. link: Hopp Engine It is based on OpenGL and SDL, written in c++, and right now it is supplied as a Code::Blocks project. Its opensource so you can look at the code, modifiy it or take chunks of it for your own projects, without having to ask for permission or anything. At least i hope it will be helpful to some ^^. Right now it has: -Scenegraph based system (object parenting, material overrides and such) -State based app construction -Material system -Support for GLSL shaders -Support for 32 bit TGA textures, and texture animation (as separate images or texture atlas) -Support for .obj loading -Virtual lights based lighting system. -Lightmaps, octrees, particle systems, quaternion rotations and a few more things. It also has ODE integration ( half-cooked :( ) and python bindings (needs even more cooking than the ODE integration :(( ). Well, tell me what you think about it. and sorry for my weird english :D EDIT: Here are some videos of Hopp: Hopp videos [Edited by - ArKano22 on April 30, 2009 7:38:52 PM]

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