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Shoot'em Up Design

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Hey all, I have a question and that is "how to design a game". I very new to programming and graphic programming, yet I want to know how do you exactly build a game. I know there isn't an *official*, but it's most likely better then what I had done for the past few months. I am working on a Shoot'em Up game with C++, SDL, and using codeblocks, but the problem is, I don't know what I exactly need or what I should do. I also need a structure of how I design my programs, as I had been writing my code arbitrary and/or all over the place. So the main question is: How do you design a game? (More specifically, a shoot'em up game) As I am not looking for the coding, I looking at the general idea of how to create a game (and/or shoot'em up) Example: - Created the Enemy and Player class have at globals (to call out for threads) - Have a thread for graphics, and a thread for enemy AI - Use virtual constructor to make multiple objects of enemy - etc. Thanks for reading and I looking forwards to any answers :D

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