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Review my game architecture

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It doesn't look like much of a flowchart to me to be honest. A flow chart in programming doesn't show connections between game components - it shows the flow through an algorithm from one command to another. For example you wouldn't have a loop's contents as a comment attached to a 'loop' box, but you would have each item in the loop linked sequentially with a connection back from the last item to the first item to signify the loop.

These days, flow charts are falling out of favour since few programs are strictly procedural these days. You may wish to look into UML diagrams, in particular the 'activity' diagrams which are close to the flow charts of old, and class diagrams, which help to show the arrangement of components like the Engine, Texture Loader, etc.

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My game architecture is planned out using my own hybrid of a UML diagram and a data flow diagram. For example, I show the flow of object position updates from the "server" to the "client" and the flow of user's object move requests back to the "server". Although my game is single player, I found it useful to split it into a server and a client.

The server and the client each have a flow of data to the resource tables, some of which they share, and some of which they don't. Each subsystem in this larger diagram is represented at a more detailed level by a UML diagram.

Here is an old example:

This represents the structure of the physics system, which is directly coupled with the logic system.

Here is an overall diagram:


The event queue between World Logic and Physics has since been dropped for the mirrored aggregation structure shown above.

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