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[web] Techniques for clothing characters in a 2D web RPG?

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So I'm thinking about developing an 2D RPG in Silverlight and I have a question on clothing my characters. In a traditional PC based RPG the image of the player changes based on what they are wearing and what weapon they have in their hand. This is both during gameplay and in any inventory screens. I started thinking that this could quickly grow into a very large list of graphic resources. I'm concerned that this may lead to my game files being too large (especially if I add multiple character classes). So, I'm fishing for ideas on what to do. So far, the three options I see are: 1. Build a library of pre-rendered images for each character holding each type of weapon and each type of clothing. This could lead to large file sizes and will definately be a fun job of handling (file103.jpg = knight, face left, plate mail armour, two handed sword). The advantage would be that each image would have all the proper shading and look great. 2. Build a library of pre-rendered parts and paste them on top of each other in a lego type fashion. This would reduce the number of graphics I need but I'm concerned that the edges may look odd where I put the pieces together. 3. Limit characters to a small set of appearances. The dwarf only carries an axe and always wears fur clothing. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks, John [Edited by - borngamer on April 29, 2009 2:24:35 PM]

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