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creating a 3d world!!....HELP!

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Hi all, I can be safely called a beginner in game development using directx9 in c++. I have developed 3 3d games...the last one being a plane fighter game. I am ok with all the physics,i have developed my particle engine and am learning more and more about 3d effects like making skyboxes etc. Till date i take game projects that involve least requirements of 3d models as i dont have any and use the directxSDK samples. I want to ask one do i create a 3d a 3d mountain biking that i know the co-ordinates of each and every point.I dont know 3d modelling and the models i download....i dont know the method to extract the vertex buffer information. This is topping me from being creative and undertaking complex game ideas. So please either tell me a solution to this problem...or if you could suggest some nice game which i can make without it!!!! Thanks a ton!! i m stuck!

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