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[Lua]How to use object pointer in lua with luabind?

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Hello everbody. I'm just start using luabind, I want to do something like this: class Object { public: Object(); static Object* GetInstance(); void Print(); private: static Object* mObject; int mValue; }; Object* Object::mObject = NULL; Object::Object() { mObject = this; } Object* Object::GetInstance() { return mObject; } void Object::Print() { cout << mValue << endl; } (I know the code doesn't make sense, just for test). I know how to export method to lua ,but I don't know how to receive class object pointer in lua. What I want to do is have an Object class instance in lua and receive the return value of GetInstance(): // In lua // How to define the objectPointer? // And how to use this pointer call Print() function? objectPointer = Object::GetInstance() Many thanks. [Edited by - Erosnick on May 1, 2009 4:18:41 AM]

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In lua, the concept of a pointer is hidden from you. Essentially, luabind will make lua see a pointer as a normal table.

Anyway, lua syntax is slightly different from C++ syntax - to get what you want, you'll have to do something like:

/* Somewhere in your binding stuff */
luabind::def("getInstance", Object::getInstance), //Get instance should be a static or free function anyway...
.def("print", &Object::print)

/* Lua codez */
--Note how we have to call member functions with the : operator.
--Static functions, however, can be called with operator .
obj = getInstance();

--Specifically, what we are doing with the : operator is just syntatic sugar for
-- obj.print(obj), since lua dosn't know how to automatically pass the 'this' pointer into member functions.

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