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Rotation problem (adjusting position)

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Belnazaar    122
The engine i am using forced me to have arms of player character separated from the body. So arm has some relative position from the origin point(0 0 0, i wouldn't be asking this if I could somehow change it) as you can see in this picture: So i rotate the arm by 90 degrees on Y axis (rotation is done by Quaternions), and i get my arm in this position: Then i adjust its position so it would be on its previous: Then i set the Y rotation to 270 degrees and i set the X position offset to be negative: I'm bad at this kind of math so could someone help me how to write formula for adjusting position according to the object rotation? Please i'm in really need of this.

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mattyhalewood    122
I have a couple of functions below that I think will serve your purpose.

They work out the relative X and Z positions at a given angle and distance to a 3D co-ordinate with respect to the Y-axis.

You just add the result to the current position of your character.


float In_Game_Objects::circleObjectX(int distance, float angle)
return distance * sin(angleY + angle); //angleY is planes
//(characters)current y angle

float In_Game_Objects::circleObjectZ(int distance, float angle)
return distance * cos(angleY + angle);

How I use them:

camera1.posX = plane1.posX + plane1.circleObjectX(20, 0.0f);
camera1.posZ = plane1.posZ + plane1.circleObjectZ(20, 0.0f);

How you may use them:

rightArmX = character.posX + character.circleObjectX(5, 90.0f);
rightArmZ = character.posZ + character.circleObjectZ(5, 90.0f);

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