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How to turn frame heirarchy into submehes

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Hi all. I'm using dx10 meshes I load the frames in from .X Files That parts all fine. But for this car I have it has 3 texture, 1for body, doors, & 1 for wheels. I have 6 wheels and only one gets a texture the other wheels I think need to be put into the same subset. My question is how do I go about setting up the subsets Do I need to move all the wheel meshes into one vertex buffer or do I need to make just a new index buffer. The .xfile has material, materiallist and a texture data area. Do I use the material list to create the subsets.

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I'd toss the use of the D3DXMESh structure. Everything I've read points to writing your own mesh class. Even the samples did.

What does it offer you really?
They have an intersection sample that shows how to detect intersections without D3DXMESH. Loading your own file format frees you from all the woes of 3r party software exporting animation data.

Personally I opted to make my own file format.

I made a mesh class which contains polygon sets.
Polygon sets contain materials and transforms.

You can choose to link them with a parent-child relation ship if you like in order to have one transform affect another.

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I have a similar issue, on max i did the texture wrap for parts of the mesh,
so, my solution was export the meshes using the same bones.

My case was a par of poker cards, they must blend together, but they have
different textures and angles, so, one skeleton affect the pair of meshes,
select the entire skeleton and only one mesh, export selected, then select
the other mesh and deselect the first one, all this with the skeleton selected.

Then load the both models and apply THE SAME transformations, should be ok.

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