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Tower City - Video Log 2 - The Game Pitch

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description of your image Greetings, As a new month rolls on do to does the Game Design Folio - Tower City I'm pleased to showcase the many highlights of this months hard work on the project. So lets get started. :) Video Tower City's second video log is now online. Titled "The Game pitch." It elaborates what the concept behind the Tower City is. Coming in at under 5 minutes to watch, this video is designed to give you a general overview of a component of the game and in this case the game in a nutshell. Audio is a little soft spoken, you may need to turn up you're speakers. - Tower City video log 2 - Quick and Easy to access. Design Docs If you want to know more about Tower City after watching the video logs then I present to you this months written & detailed design documentation. - Game Concept Overview : The game pitch so to speak, gives a general overview of the story and features that'll be encountered in Tower City. - Player Control : A document elaborating on how player movement and interaction with the game world is handled. - Camera Design : A detailed explanation into the rule sets presented out for the game camera and how it affects the games design and construction. Work Journals A week by week journal detailing my experiences and what was done on that week towards the project. Work Journals can be found here. Prototype At the start of April I decided that, in order to showcase the validity of the design documentation I'd strive to assemble a team of talented Indies to create a game demo for Tower City. While we don't have much to show right now in way of content we're dedicated to creating a polished, fun-to-play vertical slice demo of Tower City. The Prototype Main page can be found here. Why are you doing this? This Project is an endeavour to create a polished and high quality design folio to present to perspective employers who are looking for a create, passionate Level and Gameplay designer. If you'd like to know more about the man behind the project please visit the "About Me" web page. Feedback I'm striving to impress and to create a design folio that developers find intriguing and entertaining. I'm always willing to listen to feedback or advice from anyone. If you have something you'd like to suggest or to just discuss the project please don't hesitate to contact me at designerwatts@hotmail.com So until next month, description of your image Thanks for watching & reading! Chris Watts Game Designer Tower City

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