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Game Jolt - Ad Revenue Sharing

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-UPDATE- We've just announced some information on our ad revenue sharing model that we'll be releasing soon. It'll be a closed beta at first. We have many ideas to try to make independent game development more profitable. We're starting with this. More information: Let us know what you think! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone, this is the head of PR for ( []) Here are the details about and what it is about. Game Jolt allows developers to host and publicize their freeware games. Current features are as follows. - Unlimited number of files can be uploaded for your game. Up to 100 MB per file. - Able to post news articles for each game. - Screen shots can be uploaded, which can then be embedded on other sites/forums, etc. - Video uploading. Up to 100 MB per video. High quality and embeddable on other sites. - You can upload the soundtrack for your game and it will stream on your game's profile page. - Developer blogs. - Gamers can comment/rate your games. - Flash games can now be added as well as Open source It's all run by the developers themselves, so you have full control of how your games are displayed on our site. We're currently trying to get as many developers and games as we can. Old games, new games, and even work-in-progress/incomplete games are welcome. You don't even need to have a file for your game to add it to the site. If you sign up and enjoy the site, it'd be great if you told other developers you know and spread the word. We'd appreciate any feedback you may have on the site. Web Site [] Developer Sign Up [] Thanks a lot and enjoy the site! Game Jolt - Project Hosting for Freeware Games [] [Edited by - xHeatx on May 9, 2009 3:23:23 PM]

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