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mesh submesh e dx10

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Hy. I'm try to adapt a collada importer for dx9 in dx10. My first problem is the submeshes : my importer load all the group of the mesh with different material in submeshes with the use of attribute table, but i'm not understand how do with directx 10. with directx9 i use device->drawsubset(n) , but in dx10 is a little more complicated ,what is the best approach for do this? in particular , i have these attributes: vector<Vertex> m_VertexBuffer; vector<int> m_IndexBuffer; vector<NORMAL*> vNormals; vector<TEXCOORD*>vUV; vector<TANGENT*>vTangent; vector<BINORMAL*>vBinormal; How i locate ?in the mesh or in the submesh? and .. if i have a lot of meshes is correct to switch runtime the vertexbuffer,color indexbuffer and resources of the shader and then draw? or there is a method more fast? Thanks. [Edited by - giugio on May 1, 2009 4:23:26 PM]

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