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Easy way to make a new c++ stream

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Ok, ive got a C style i/o library for some compressed/encrypted archives which I want to wrap up into a c++ stream. Can someone point me towards instructios on how to do this from the folloing functions. quick break down of the functions I have which look like useful ones
ARCHIVE OpenArchive(char *path);
void    CloseArchive(ARCHIVE a);

ARCHIVE_FILE OpenArchiveFile(ARCHIVE a, char *fileName, unsigned flags=AF_IN);
void         CloseArchiveFile(ARCHIVE_FILE f);
int          ReadArchiveFile (ARCHIVE_FILE f, char *buffer, int size);
int          WriteArchiveFile(ARCHIVE_FILE f, char *buffer, int size);

Theres also some functions for getting the size (uncompressed) of a file, getting an array of all the files in the archive, checking for eof, and other stuff like that. Ive already wrapped the open/close archive upinto a class with refrence counting. I need the c++ streams to then handle the ref counting of the archive they belong to, since closing the archive then trying to use one of the archive files crashes the library.

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opps, forgot to metion, the people I'm doing this for dont want to use boost for somereason, so I cant do it the same way as before :(

EDIT: I was thinking, could I use the boost way and then wrap it up into a static lib somehow, such that boost isnt needed to use the static lib?

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