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DirectX skinmesh

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asterix12    122
Hi, I am using fragmotion to export bone animated character in .x . The result is in the DirectX viewer is there is garbages at some place. Can you propose me a way to fix that. I need something that will make the perfect match with the DirectX viewer. Maybe a different bone animated software. Thanks [Edited by - asterix12 on May 2, 2009 8:43:51 AM]

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ankhd    2304
hi there.
The meshes may be ok, but mesh veiwer may not work.
I have some meshes that mveiw can't touch but my own loaded
Handles them fine can't work out why mveiw doesn't do the same.
So load them in own app and see if they work.
The has a veiwer you can use, from there skinning tutorial page.

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