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FBX functions

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Ive been looking through the examples that come with the FBX SDK, and there are a few things that are confusing me. The following code is taken from the example files
KFbxProperty pProperty;
pProperty= lMaterial->FindProperty(KFbxSurfaceMaterial::sDiffuse); KFbxTexture* lTexture = KFbxCast <KFbxTexture> (pProperty.GetSrcObject(KFbxTexture::ClassId,j));
looking through the ascii files i see:
 Property: "DiffuseColor", "ColorRGB", "",0.588235318660736,0.588235318660736,0.588235318660736
            Property: "DiffuseFactor", "double", "",1

so what is .GetSrcObject() doing? what are source and destination objects?

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