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This might be helpfull for newbies but I don''t think it will be helpfull for anyone too advanced. I just finished these 2 classes; one is handy for loading .tga files for texturing and the other is handy for moving around in the scene with mouse and keyboard. To test them I made this VC++ project which you can download at [url][/url]. There are 5 files GLSmovement.h /.cpp, GLStexture.h/.cpp, and main.cpp. They aren''t documented but they''re short and there isn''t any b.s. Later i might document the files if i get some requests, LOL. use the keys W, A, S, D, and ESC (which exits). The mouse moves your head, its just like half-life. p.s. the project is called "evening_moon". don''t waste you time looking around in the scene for a moon; there is none. I''ve got so many projects now that names like "project_54" don''t do me any good and i forget what is what.

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