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Data transfer to the GPU

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Is there a way to reduce the number of Effect framework set calls? In my code I was attempting to render something like 500 objects with a simple effect(transform and texture) and for each object I set the data and transfer to the GPU (wvp, tex). I understand that the amount of time it takes to do a transfer like this is significant, but how can it be reduced? I ran the program through a profiler and it shows these calls being significantly slower then other calls in the program. Is there anyway to work around this? I know that I could do instancing of the geometry stream, but, doesn't that still require repeat transfer of the non-geometry data? It seems that sending the wvp 500 times each frame is the problem as this function showed up slower then the texture function. Is there a method of batching this data? Am I simple wrong in thinking that I need to make a set for each object? Thanks in advance.

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