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Hi, I am after freeware 2D sprites i can use for games that dont have copyright. I have googled this and i am going around in circles. I know of reiners toolsets. Many sites say free download but that doesnt mean anything if they are copyrighted.

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Original post by Daniel B
Here is a huge list

As for copyrights, any of those free download sprites are perfectly legal for non-commercial use. You won't find too much for commercial use for free.
Sorry, but that's not actually true - unless the sprites in question are specifically placed in the public domain or provided with some form of licence allowing use they're not legal to use whether you're making money from the project or not.

I actually think that sprites thread does people a bit of a disservice with the fact that the majority (but not all of) the contained links being illegal rips.

There are however a few sets of sprites you can legally use for free out there. In addition to the already mentioned reiner's tiles and those provided at Lost Garden (see here all the posts he's tagged with free graphics to find a couple more, and here for the licence he provides them under) a couple I know of include:
- SpriteLib
- Video Game Art by Floyd Yancey
- Free airplane sprite pack

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