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class method as Event Handler

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I want to register AS class method as an event handler like OnClick ,here is an example in AS: class Dialog { Dialog() { //register OnClick as event handler } void OnClick() {...} UI@ ui; }; Dialog dlg1=Dialog(); in C++ class UI { void* pOnClick_Caller; int OnClick_FuncId; void Click() { ctx->Prepare(OnClick_FuncId); ctx->SetObject(pOnClick_Caller); ctx->Execute(); } }; So in Dialog() { } can I write some code like ui.RegisterCallback(this,Dialog::OnClick)? or write something like i.Register("modulename","Dialog",this,"void Onlick()")? Can anybody please give me an sample code?

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Until I implement function pointers in AngelScript you will have to do it by naming the function, e.g.

// C++ function, registered as
// "void RegisterEventHandler(IEventHandler @, const string &in)"
void RegisterEventHandler(asIScriptObject *obj, const string &name)
// Find the method on the object
asIObjectType *type = obj->GetObjectType();
int funcId = type->GetMethodIdByName(name.c_str());

// Store the obj and funcId for later callback

// AngelScript class
class Dialog : IEventHandler
Dialog() { RegisterEventHandler(this, "OnClick"); }
void OnClick() {}

By using an interface like this, your function gets a little easier to implement. But if you don't like to use the interface, then you can also implement the RegisterEventHandler using the variable parameter type.


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