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Simulating a far-range electro optical camera in a game

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Hey, I'm currently trying to implement in my game an army like electro optical camera that can see to a far range. From videos I watched in youtube, it seems that there are a lot of interferences in the in the image because of weather/distance/etc. . I'm trying to simulate all of these effects, and that's where I need your guys help :) I broke down the interferences to several effects I need to implement: 1. Black and white video 2. Heat waves coming up for the ground in warm days (looks like a sine wave) 3. "Noise" on the image. More far you look, the bigger the noises look. 4. Any other effect you think would be appropriate :) I have some ideas in my head on how to do these effects, but I want to hear other offers I might not have thought about. Most of these ideas revolve around render-to-texture effects. Plus, if you can direct me to a working code sample it would be nice. Thanks!

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