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3-D Game Development Basics

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shadowisadog    3217
3d models are created using a 3d modeling program. Examples of 3d modeling programs include Blender, Milkshape, 3d Studio Max, Lightwave, Maya, Softimage (XSI)... These programs essentially allow you to define polygons and the textures those polygons have applied to them. This data is then saved to a model format and a game engine loads this format and renders the model.

Designing 3d levels is usually done via a program that allows you to create level geometry and place existing models/triggers/lights in a 3d space. These tools are called 3d level editors and include 3d world studio, Hammer, UnrealEd, ect. The information is stored in a file and it is up to the game engine to load this file and produce the appropriate output.

The title of your thread is 3-D Game Development Basics so I will also add that models and levels are a fraction of what is needed to produce a 3d game. You will also need a 3d rendering engine capable of processing the level and model data, and you will need to implement game logic... Creating a 3d engine from scratch as a beginner is generally not advised... Depending on what language you decide on there are usually engines available that will save you considerable time.

The 3d models and levels will essentially dictate what your game output will look like, however a complete game will need to handle input, process the input via game logic, and then display output. A 3d rendering engine helps with the output phase but it is often overlooked the need for the game logic (input is generally fairly easy). With game logic comes the need for 3d collision detection, object management, and all sorts of other fun things.

What are you aiming to do? Have you made games before?

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JBM95    122
I'm aiming to become a video game designer.This is my first time creating a video game so I'm kind of new to this stuff.

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