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wglUseFontOutlines ERROR CODE 8

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WglUseFontOutlines function returns an error, someone could tell me why? What am I doing wrong? GLuint base; GLYPHMETRICSFLOAT gmf[256]; HDC hDC = wglGetCurrentDC(); font = CreateFont( 0,0,0,0,FW_DONTCARE,FALSE,FALSE, FALSE, ANSI_CHARSET, OUT_TT_PRECIS, CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS, ANTIALIASED_QUALITY, FF_DONTCARE|DEFAULT_PITCH, (__in_opt LPCWSTR)"Wingdings"); base = glGenLists(256); // Storage For 256 Characters SelectObject(hDC, font);// Selects The Font We Created wglUseFontOutlines(hDC,// Select The Current DC 0,// Starting Character 255,// Number Of Display Lists To Build base,// Starting Display Lists 10.0f,// Deviation From The True Outlines 0.1f,// Font Thickness In The Z Direction WGL_FONT_POLYGONS,// Use Polygons, Not Lines gmf); ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY code 8 (0x8)"Not enough storage is available to process this command."

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