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[ TBS ] Bunny Tactics

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Bunny Tactics Genre: Comical Synchronous TBS Story: Bunny Tactics is a boardgame played by bunnies to train and to select regional self-defense leaders. It is one of the paths that a bunny could advance in epic-ness in the bunnies world. Overview of the game: The game has two phrases. During the command phase, each player assigns orders to the unit groups. During the action phase, the groups carry out the commands. The typical victory condition is to neutralize or remove the threats. Board: The board itself is a three-layer hex grid. The three layers are: Sky Layer - represents the sky Land Layer - represents the landscape above ground Tunnel Layer - represents the network below ground Units and Equipment: Bunny - can hop, carry item, dig holes, cover holes, and move inside tunnels Bunny Tank - can shoot pepper bullets. Cannot go through tunnels. Can be hidden in a hole. Bunny Tank Operator - a bunny that knows how to drive a tank. Bunny Biplane - can fly and shoot pepper bullets. Requires refueling using alcohol. It can move slowly on the ground. Can be hidden in a hole. Can set tree traps. Bunny Pilot - a bunny that knows how to fly a biplane. Bunny Chef - a bunny that knows how to make pepper bullets Bunny Engineer - can build bunny tanks and bunny biplanes. Threats: Fox - can eat bunnies and jump over any fence, can destroy stuff hidden in holes Snake - can eat bunnies, can go into holes and go through tunnels, can bite farmer and hunter Hawk - can eat bunnies, can fly, can eat snakes Farmer - can capture bunnies, can build fences and fill holes. Brews beer. Has garden hose. The garden hose destroys all tanks and biplanes in a given hex. Hunter - can capture bunnies, hawks, snakes, foxes. Drinks beer. Takes stuff hidden in holes. Hunter's Dog - helps the hunter catch bunnies. Digs and catches bunnies underneath. Team: A bunny team is a group of bunnies that coexist within a hex. Bunnies of a team move together. Bunny Team Effects: Bunnies can do special actions when they get together on the same hex. More bunnies means higher chance that one of them will be caught during an attack. The following are the special actions: Workparty - When a group of bunny engineers are teamed up, they can build tanks and biplanes faster. Learning - When unskilled bunnies are grouped with skilled bunnies, the unskilled bunnies have a chance to acquire the skill while the skill is being used. Tank Anti-Hawk Formation - When five or more tanks are teamed up, they have a chance to shoot at a hawk as it attacks. Biplane Lift - When four or more biplanes are teamed up, they can carry stuff by air and drop them in air. Every four biplane can carry one item including a bunny or a tank. A biplane group that is carrying stuff will always drop the load when they are attacked. Cooperative Carry - Similar to biplane lift. Heavier stuff can be moved when there are more bunnies. Tanks cannot move things. A team of tanks or biplanes has these firing modes that the player chooses: Barrage Mode - each unit shoot at any target in the target hex as fast as possible. This mode is not as accurate as the other modes but it would not matter much if there are a lot of enemies in the target hex. Pursue Mode - each unit selects a different target and fire at that target until the time is up or until the individual target is pepperized, in that case, start shooting at a different target. The rate of fire is slower than barrage mode. Concentrated Mode - all units shoot at a specific target. The rate of fire is slowest. The pepper shots are most effective when they are shot in front of the enemy.

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I only skimmed through this but it seems like a really good idea. If no one takes up the idea I might just have to do so, cause this seems like not only fun to play, but fun to develop.

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Yes, you can make it. What engine will you use?



A first question I have is how to display the tunnel layer. There is no problem with the sky and land layers. That would just be like Starcraft. But how do you show the tunnels?

The way I imagine is that when the player pushes a button, everything above ground becomes translucent and the tunnel network is shown.


A second question I had was how much could a bunny player and the threats player see. The idea is that the bunny player can see all threats, but visibility of resources are limited by the visibility of its units (threats do not need to be "discovered" but resources do). The threats player is limited by the visibility of its units.

The bunny player always know where the threats are and what the threats might be carrying. When the threat player comes across resources that the bunnies might need, it could either stay near to guard it, or just walk along and pretend that there is nothing there.

The reason is that I thought there might be too much going on for the bunny player to micromanage scouts. So the bunny player gets free information about the threats.

If not, the game could let bunnies be the scouts. They could stick their heads out of tunnels to observe the surrounding. The range that can be observed could be sufficiently large so that it is not too tedious to cover most of the map.

Friendly Fire:

When a bunny tank is destroyed and there are normal bunnies around, the normal bunnies could get pepperized.

The threat player can command both the hawk and the snake. But if the hawk happens to be next to or above the snake, the hawk will eat the snake. It is not something that the threat player could prevent.

In the story (the selection process):

Both sides are played by bunnies. During the selection process, the elders estimate the number of threats in the region and let one candidate to play as the bunny leader, and another candidate to play as the threats. The candidate that is playing as bunnies would get the resources that the community currently has (the bunny player could possibly start with some bunny tanks and biplanes). The threat candidate gets to place (hide) the key resources on the map before the game starts. The pool of candidates would rotate their roles and the elders would use sophisticated bunny math to figure out whether the bunnies community will expand to the next area (or in some cases, whether the community should evacuate from the current area), and which candidate(s) will lead.

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