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Reading XML values [Figured something out...]

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Hi all, im trying to write an XML parser and im stuck on one thing, reading the values into thier appropriate types. Right now i have 3 classes and 2 enums ( but i will probably end up writing more ): XMLAttribute - should contain the name of an attribute and the value of the attribute, numerous XMLAttributes can be nested inside an XMLElement object XMLElement - should contain the name of the element ( eg. <Element></Element> == Element ) plus a std::vector of XMLAttribute and another std::vector of its child XMLElements* XMLStream - The class that interacts with the XML file and constructs ( i think ) a tree structure of elements with thier attributes values and so on. Also contains 2 special attributes called mVersion and mEncoding. So yeah thats what ive got so far, but i need to know how i should go about getting the actual data cast into the appropriate type, seeing as the elements and attributes are constructed inside the XMLStream class, anyone? Thanks in advance EDIT: nevermind, im going to try reading the data in as a string and use std::stringstream to convert it into the data type i need when i call As<DataType>( ) on either an element or attribute. much like the HLSL does with the effect and technique classes in direct3d ( i think ) Eg. XMLStream SomeStream( ... ); XMLElement* SomeElement; SomeElement = SomeStream.Element( "Window" ); std::string caption = SomeElement->Attribute( "Caption" )->AsString( ); int x = SomeElement->Attribute( "Xpos" )->AsInteger( ); int y = SomeElement->Attribute( "Ypos" )->AsInteger( ); something along those lines anyhow... [Edited by - CodeCriminal on May 4, 2009 1:37:26 PM]

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