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Well here's a breakdown of the team I'm working with.
1 x producer
4 x 3D modellers
1 x fulltime animator
1 x freelance animator
4 x programmers

Everyone with their own speciality.

This is relatively small and the percentage of different types of people varies depending on the project.
With Discworld Noir we had about 4 - 5 programmers but well over a dozen artists because it was a very art intensive game.

As John Carmack once said "programmers used to be 90% of the people working on a game, now its around 30%"

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Here's the team that created Artifact :

1 Game designer/server-side programmer
1 Lead artist/character designer
1 Lead sound engineer/composer
1 Producer/project leader/client-side programmer

For our next project I'm estimating I need several more to get it done in a timely manner.

Samu Games

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It really depends on your people ... you might have a brilliant coder that is worth two normal coders and four learners.

Its always hard to get good graphic guys.

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What are all you guys working on?
It seems like the teams are pretty darn small.
You could just go back and edit your messages saying the kind and size of game as well as the time frame for writing it to give an idea of the people to project size ratio.

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Guest Anonymous Poster

I wonder how a development team usally looks like, how many etc.

I hope i got this post in the right spot

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2.8 million dollar MMRPG project:

1 Producer
2 Graphics developers
1 Web developer
1 Server Side developer(producer being myself will help here)
2 3D Artists
2 Sound Artists
1 Marketing Cust Service Mgr
6 World Designers (Level builders)
1 Operations Manager
4 Systems Administrators/Help Desk personnel

It is interesting to note that the personnel choices are really based on your needs. The 4 sound and graphics guys are all well crosstrained so they can hold the load of art as a team. The art guys are responsible for creating the building blocks for zones while the world designers are responsible for scripting the world and assembling the final product through our custom world editor. Since a massive amount of content needs to be built, we were forced to take this approach or never finish the game. The same goes for the programmers. All 4 of them have cross disciplines that overlap and support eachother. Each has a specialty that provides additional strength to the team. This illustrates my approach to hiring as defined by the thread in General and Game Programming Discussion.


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