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AddScriptSection crash

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Hello, i found odd bug. AddScriptSection crash. Versions 2.16.1, 2.16.2wip WinXP, 32bit Reproduce: void main() { main(anyWord)+main(anyWord); }

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Yeah, sorry, not AddScriptSection, is Build.

There last callback messages:
Info : Compiling void main().
ERR : 'anyWord' is not declared.
ERR : No matching signatures to 'main(int)'.

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>> Access violation reading location 0x00000044
Call stack

x.exe!asCArray<asCObjectType *>::GetLength() C++
x.exe!asCObjectType::Implements() + 0x1e bytes C++ // Line 117, for( asUINT n = 0; n < interfaces.GetLength(); n++ )
x.exe!asCCompiler::ImplicitConvObjectToObject() + 0x9e bytes C++
x.exe!asCCompiler::ImplicitConversion() + 0xb8 bytes C++
x.exe!asCCompiler::MatchArgument() + 0x129 bytes C++
x.exe!asCCompiler::CompileOverloadedDualOperator() + 0x16c bytes C++
x.exe!asCCompiler::CompileOperator() + 0x8b bytes C++
x.exe!asCCompiler::CompilePostFixExpression() + 0x138 bytes C++
x.exe!asCCompiler::CompileExpression() + 0x15a bytes C++
x.exe!asCCompiler::CompileCondition() + 0x7e0 bytes C++
x.exe!asCCompiler::CompileAssignment() + 0x165 bytes C++
x.exe!asCCompiler::CompileExpressionStatement() + 0x76 bytes C++
x.exe!asCCompiler::CompileStatement() + 0x86 bytes C++
x.exe!asCCompiler::CompileStatementBlock() + 0xd9 bytes C++
x.exe!asCCompiler::CompileFunction() + 0x6a8 bytes C++
x.exe!asCBuilder::CompileFunctions() + 0x17d bytes C++
x.exe!asCBuilder::Build() + 0x2e bytes C++
x.exe!asCModule::Build() + 0x129 bytes C++

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