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Angry Barry - now released on XBox Live!

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It's out for XBox Live - click here! Angry Barry is a political parody high definition 2D side scrolling beat em up in the tradition of classic titles such as Bad Dudes. It is our attempt at hitting a mainstream console with a game with an 'indie' mentality – making whatever game you want to make without corporate pressure dictating what is created. This game is currently in review and will be released in May for XBox Live (in the Community Games section, under Action/Adventure games) for the lowest cost possible, and will be released in the coming months for the PC. In ‘Angry Barry’ you play the role of the titular ‘Barry’ as you fight a vast assortment of characters through 9 stages in your quest for the presidency of the United States . This quest takes you through a vast assortment of characters ranging from old catladies to Democratic and Republican rivals to the resurrected cybernetic Robo-Gipper. Equipped with punches, kicks, special moves and items, Barry bashes his way through all challengers in this next-generation adventure. Angry Barry features several special moves and combos, high definition hand drawn and animated 2D graphics, tons of political humor and parody, an original soundtrack composed exclusively for the game, local 2 player simultaneous play, next generation effects and particles, and a huge number of enemies and items on screen at any given time. LEVELS Central Park – Fight through catladies and rogue secret agents, and run into a clown trying to induce chaos and a ghost from your past who may stop your quest before it starts. All of this culminates with a showdown with your main rival for world power. Texas (Train) – Punch and kick your way through neckbeards and more agents and face the resurrected, cybernetic Robo-Gipper. The boss battle with the conductor of this train, piloting his purestrain gold mech, will put your fighting skills to the test. Utah – Constantly stalked by a tank driving maniac, Barry has to make his way through tons of missionaries and agents out for his life. Can he figure out a way to stop the tank, or does his quest end here? Alaska – Detoured in Alaska , Barry must fight his way through wildlife while being constantly barraged by a hockey mom in a helicopter. And what, exactly, is this mutated blob that awaits him at the end? Washington DC – The final showdown is here; it’s Barry vs. the current leader of the United States . But is there a man behind the mask? We'd appreciate anyone who can spreading the word about this title if at all possible - we're trying various ways to get the word out, but word of mouth is still the best advertiser available to us. Trailer links:
">Youtube Vimeo Gametrailers Screenshots: [Edited by - arrogancy on June 2, 2009 6:15:00 AM]

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