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Storing attack information

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I need a list of RPG spells, which I have composed of effects classes. Damage effects, healing effects, status effects, etc. How should I go about storing the information, info like a lightning spell does X + 75 damage, or that the bio spell does 20 damage and poisons? A database? A textfile? In the code itself? Edit:This is in C++

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How about an AttackInfo class that stores the attack information and then you push it into a vector.
I think there is no need to store that info to a database/file. Although I don't know what kind of game you are writing, but I think there is no need to store these infos any longer than a single game session.

class AttackInfo {
AttackInfo(std::string msg, Monster *monster, SpellEffect *effect, int dmgAmount);

std::string m_strMsg;
Monster *m_pTargetMonster;
SpellEffect *m_pUsedSpell;
int m_nDmgAmount;


void attackMonster(Monster *pMonster, SpellEffect *pEffect, int dmgAmount) {
//returns std::vector<AttackInfo*>
getAttackInfoList()->push_back(new AttackInfo("Critical hit!", pMonster, pEffect, dmgAmount)));

Something like this?


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I agree with zeeli. I see no problem with hard coding that information into the game. If you want more than one effect per spell consider using a linked list.

However only hard code the spell information if you intend to leave it alone. If you want a more dynamic approach store it in a file. Just don't forget to encrypt that! Many games do in fact store the spell data separately from the game executable this allows them to update and tweak values more efficiently.

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