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Any 2D engine with Drag&Drop map creation and diverse scripting and client-server?

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This will be my last summer that I will have a good amount of free time and I really wanna give a serious shot a getting a 'polished' morpg up and running. I was going to make my own browser game using PHP/Mysql but decided to look for an engine for client-server play instead. I'm terrible at texturing so 3D is out of the question. In a nutshell I'm looking for a very childish 2D 'mmorpg' engine that has is stable and has a nice community. It needs to have a built in map/world creator and a diverse scripting language. I own realmcrafter but it is 3D and I also own Game Maker Pro but the scripting limits me too much (but I really love the drag and drop visual side of it... easy to create games). VBgore seems nice but for some reason I just don't really care to learn VB6 right now and they are rewriting it to VB.net so not sure if what I make now will port over to new version. I would like it to have a more mature community if possible and it doesnt matter if it cost money. A stable engine with active updates and is made for rapid development would be nice. I'm also trying to avoid any of those knock-offs you see all over the place... they just seem like cookie cutter engines spawn off one another. (The key is that I want to be able to get a working game out very fast or even have the engine come with one so I can focus on scripting in my own features.)

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