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Why can't I use a class as a property in luabind?

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Well my problem is simple, I'm trying to use a class which I have defined in lua bind as a property for another class but it won't let me. Here is the class:
		window = NULL;
		left = 0;
		top = 0;
		right = 1;
		bottom = 1;

	E_WINDOW*							window;
	float								left;
	float								top;
	float								right;
	float								bottom;

Here is where I define it:
			.def_readwrite("window", &E_RENDER_TARGET_DESC::window)
			.def_readwrite("left", &E_RENDER_TARGET_DESC::left)
			.def_readwrite("top", &E_RENDER_TARGET_DESC::top)
			.def_readwrite("right", &E_RENDER_TARGET_DESC::right)
			.def_readwrite("bottom", &E_RENDER_TARGET_DESC::bottom)

Lua source:
	WindowDesc = CreateWindowDesc()
	WindowDesc.name = "Ether"
	WindowDesc.icon = "Ether.ico"
	WindowDesc.left = 0
	WindowDesc.top = 0
	WindowDesc.width = 1024
	WindowDesc.height = 768
	WindowDesc.close = true
	WindowDesc.maximize = false
	WindowDesc.minimize = true
	WindowDesc.sizeable = false
	GameWindow = CreateWindow( WindowDesc )

	RenderTargetDesc = CreateRenderTargetDesc()
	RenderTargetDesc.window = GameWindow
	RenderTargetDesc.left = 0
	RenderTargetDesc.top = 0
	RenderTargetDesc.right = 1
	RenderTargetDesc.bottom = 1
	RenderTarget = CreateRenderTarget( RenderTargetDesc )

And lastly this is the error I receive from luabind:
No matching overload found, candidates:void <unknown>(CreateRenderTargetDesc&,CreateWindow* const&)
My guess is that I was suppose to define something in E_WINDOW which lets you use it as a property or something.

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Original post by sprite_hound
You appear not to be supplying both arguments to your CreateRenderTarget function.

No actually I figured it out on my own, you have to create a get and set function and use ".property" to define it in luabind. Not sure why it works but it does and thats all that matters.

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