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How To Convert Managed String To Value Or Value To Managed String In Visual C++ .Net

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Help me pliz.. I got a problem here.. I'm working with Visual C++ .Net 2005, when i'm using this code : txtItemPrice->Text=reader->GetDecimal(2); I got this error : Error 2 error C2664: 'void System::Windows::Forms::Control::Text::set(System::String ^)' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'System::Decimal' to 'System::String ^' d:\my documents\visual studio 2008\projects\mini_project\mini_project\frmItem.h 322 mini_project Does anybody know how to convert a value into a managed string or how to convert a managed string to a value in Visual C++ .Net.. Help Me Pliz.. T.T

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Original post by dfx_slayer


This would look like:


If you want to convert a string into an actual value:

String ^myString = "23.5";
Decimal myDecimal = Convert::ToDecimal(myString);

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thx bro..
It's worked..
but didn't work for Decimal Type.. T.T

I got a new problem here :

sql="INSERT INTO ITEM VALUES('" + txtIDItem->Text->Trim() + "','" + txtItemName->Text->Trim() + "'," + Convert::ToInt32(txtItemPrice->Text) + ",'" + txtItemDescription->Text->Trim() + "')";

when i try to execute that sql statement..
here is the error i got : "Input String was not in a correct format"

In my database :
IDItem : Text
ItemName : Text
ItemPrice : Long
ItemDescription : Text

Could someone help me pliz.. T.T

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Step 1: Write the final SQL query to some debug output where you can see what it is and confirm that it actually makes sense.
Step 2: Learn to use the actual database query stuff in the Framework, instead of doing this dangerous string mess.

By the way. C++/CLI, which you're using, is a terrible place for a newbie (or any developer, really) to be. Why aren't you using C#? It doesn't sound like you're at all ready to be tackling a language of this complexity and relative obscurity. You'd be much better off in almost ANY other programming language.

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I remember having problems with reader.GetDecimal and reader.GetDouble too.
Im not sure why they don't work, or why they are not implemented, but I do remember that I ended up with something like this:

double d = Convert.ToDouble(reader->GetValue(0))

You can try that if everything else fails.

As for adding parameters to a query, I prefer to do it this way:

command.CommandText="INSERT INTO ITEM VALUES(@ID, @ItemName, @ItemPrice, @ItemDescription)";
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@ID", txtIDItem->Text->Trim());
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@ItemName", txtItemName->Text->Trim());
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@ItemPrice", Convert::ToInt32(txtItemPrice->Text));
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@ItemDescription", txtItemDescription->Text->Trim());

ps. My syntax may be scewed, I havent compiled it

Unless you have a reason to use a string as ID I would suggest either an auto incrementing int, or a guid instead.

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