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Questions about stdext::hash_map

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I have some questions about stdext::hash_map (the one provided with Visual C++). 1. The documentation asks me to provide a hash function (which returns a size_t) for the type T I'm going to store. Is this the actual hash function, i.e. should it provide a uniform distribution of the keys into the interval [0, 2^32] (assuming size_t is 32 bits long)? Or is it just a conversion of the type T to size_t, and the actual hash function (which distributes the size_t integers to the available hash table slots) is provided by stdext::hash_map itself? 2. How does stdext::hash_map resolve collisions? Does it use open addressing or chaining? Is there a way to force it into using one of those? 3. If I want to use perfect hashing, is there a way to do this with stdext::hash_map or must I write my own hashmap implementation or use some other library? I tried looking at the stdext::hash_map code, but my skills aren't enough to decipher it. Maybe someone can help? [Edited by - formalproof on May 20, 2009 7:04:51 AM]

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