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Guns Akimbo

Animating the UI

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Hi all, I would like UI components in my game to be animated... eg: * When my game switches to split screen mode i want the existing viewport to gradually shrink while the second gradually grows to fill the void. * When i show text I want it to fade in and then out. etc, etc. What would be the best method for such a thing? currently I'm thinking along the lines of: 1) Each UI component inherits from an AnimatibleUIElement class that has an update() method and public: targetTime, width, targetWidth, height, targetHeight, alpha and targetAlpha (or functions to act as getters/setters for those fields)... So you could create a textbox with alpha = 0.0, targetAlpha = 1.0, targetTime = 1000(ms) and call its update method during the gameloops update; which would increment/decrement each value towards its corresponding target until it hits it? or 2) During the games update loop set the relevant value of the required object (e.g textbox.alpha) to be = to a variable float. Have an object (say: uiAnimation) that contains a targetNumber, targetTime, a pointer to that float and an update() method that increments/decrements the value it points to over the course of uiAnimations target time. Store all those uiAnimation objects (or pointers to them) inside a vector and loop through them and call update() during the main games update method? or are there conventional ways of doing this? Cheers.

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