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Scripted events in game programming.

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Hi all, Does anyone know of any doc exposin ideas, etc... on how to make a script system to creates attacks like robot war games (there are lot of games like this). Examples can be seen here here . I've built a little scripted event system taht can run actios serial and paralell, so, mixing this two types I can accomplish nice effects for cinemas. The problem is when logic is required, say for example, wait for a collision (that can be seen as a bloking action), do a part of the script x times (this could be for example when you want to create X particle sistems in some time, like in a meteor rain). My scripts look something like this, each line is an action (class) that does atomic things: 1)Create script (this executes secuentially) 2)play sound (inmediate action) 3)create particle system (inmediate action) 4)create controller that moves the particle form a to b in x time. When thi is finished script is finished. I think that when something starts to be pretty difficult is because the way you´re doing things is not the best, and this is waht happens when I try to introudce loops, or check for collisions actions. If anyone could bring some light I would be really gratefull. PD. some of the ideas I have exposed here were taken from: web page Thanks in advance, HexDump.

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