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How to keep track of threads in LUA?

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Hi guys, I've started using LUA very recently, and I'm looking for a technique how to keep track of threads. I'm sure the solution is a simple one, here's a code example...
#define MAX_THREADS		5
lua_State *Thread[MAX_THREADS];

int luaWait(lua_State *L)
	int val = 0;

	//How can I tell that I'm in Thread[3] here?

	val = lua_yield(L, 0);

	return val;

void main()
	// open lua and std libs
	lua_State *Lua = lua_open();

	lua_register(Lua, "Wait", luaWait);

	// create a thread
	Thread[3] = lua_newthread(Lua);
	luaL_dofile(Thread[3], "waittest.lua");

	// call Main function from script
	lua_getglobal(Thread[3], "Main");
	lua_resume(Thread[3], 0);

	printf( "Thread is paused.." );

	//resume yielded thread
	lua_resume(Thread[3], 0);


And test.lua looks like this...
function Main()
print("In Main function")
print("Leaving Main function")

And the output is as follows... In LUA Main function Thread is paused.. (then after I press return) Leaving Main function So it's all working as expected. My question is this... how can I tell what thread called the luaWait function from inside that function? (the intention is to have multiple threads running at once, hence the array. I've just fired off number [3] as an example. )

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If your not going to do true threading ( ie run each state in a true OS thread ), you can just push a global to indicate what is the current active Lua state at anyone time.

If you intend to do run each Lua state in a OS thread, you can store the Lua thread ID inside the Lua state itself and fetch it when u need it (store it as a global Lua variable called _Thread_ID or something ). Also since you have access to the Lua state like so :

int luaWait(lua_State *L)

you can compare it against the array (lua_State *Thread[MAX_THREADS]) to find the match. This should also work. Be aware if you actually want to run multiple scripts in a unique OS thread, that your C API is also thread safe.

Good Luck!


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Thanks for the reply. The simplest method is always the easiest one eh!

I actually found an alternative solution. For the benefit of others with the same problem, I actually ended up doing this...

lua_pushlightuserdata(Thread[3], Thread[3]);

during initilization of the threads, then inside the luaWait function...

lua_pushlightuserdata(L, L);
int ThreadNumber = lua_tointeger(L,-1); //Got the thread number

... which I believe is using the address of the thread as a key in a table (which will be unique to the thread, and which I'll have inside the luaWait function).

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