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OpenGL still lacks the extensions problem? (opengl vs d3d holy-war-thread)

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This one is in bold, so you wont tell me I didn't know/searched: I know this topic was asked like billion times in all the possible site in the net and I searched! But: many topic are old and technology tend to change pretty fast. Many criticized OpenGL for the bad support of extensions (problems like "it work on my nVidia but not my friends ATI" and etc), but I heard that ARB came to some kind of solution, however I could not find any info on it. Now taking in consideration that we are in 2009 today is OpenGL can be a full opponent for Direct3D (I'm not talking about DX10). If yes, why 90-95% of the games still developed in DirectX? Is the separation of OpenGL=>Professional graphics and DirectX=>game developers still relevant today? I don't want to open a flame-war here, because it useless, I want people who have point of view that is not tied to the technology they use, and put the cross-platform aside for now, and try to answer. Thanks a lot!

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