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SCEEG - arcade, adventure, space

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SCEEG is a little windows game I've done in C++ for fun. With mouse, move a sceeg (a space creature with a chain shape) which must explore space searching for artefacts. You must also eat larvas in order to grow and to become faster. You'll discover many planets, nebulas and obstacles too: fights with other sceegs, asteroids fields, comets, solar eruptions, black holes, electromagnetic stroms, cosmic winds, ... I've done five levels. It is possible to do other levels with text files. This is a 2D game using OpenGL 2.0 and FMOD 4.24 It is free and resources I've used are free if non commercial use. Have fun, Chtitlolo download [Edited by - Chtitlolo on June 1, 2009 12:41:02 PM]

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