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Original post by ShinKoKyuu

Can anyone tell me about the best modeling tool known for its compatibility when exporting to Native DirextX9 / C++ ?

What format are you using?

If you are using the .x format try KWX, it is a good exporter for 3DStudio Max. I anyway advise to switch to another format because the .x format is deprecated and it is not anymore supported in DirectX10+.

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Well it depends on what you're doing, and what your price range is. I prefer 3dsmax if I have the choice, but it's very very very pricey. Many artists also like Maya.

For free options there's Blender, but with most people that app is love-it or hate-it (I'm in the latter category). I like XSI ModTool, but you can only use it for non-commercial products.

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I began practicing in directx9, and read about meshes and how they can be exported from .x files ..etc

so i was wondering what is the best modeling tool that i should stick with to get the most of directx and don't confront compatibility issues.

and since .x is deprecated, are there any alternative?
I don't like 3ds max, and i have little experience with maya and xsi, and blender is an option.

which is recommended in this case?

thank you ^^

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