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Andrew Kabakwu

Manipulators in Editors

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Good Afternoon All, Am not sure if this is in the right forum, as it could also go under Maths and Physics or Graphics Programming. Here is my Question - Am working on an editor for my scene graph and level objects, everything works fine as desired except for one thing, the workflow is very tedious! I'd like to implement Manipulators like in 3d modelling packages (Truespace, Max, etc) I found this tutorial 3D Manipulators which shows how this can be done. Reading it gives a good start (but leaves me still a bit confused). I was wondering if anyone else has any other tutorials or documents that address how to implement them. I'd like information about the basics of projecting the manipulator axis into screen space, computing the change in say translation or rotation from the mouse's screen coordinate change and then converting that back into the 3d scene as a change transformation in 3d to apply to the object. Am using OpenGL for my rendering. Thank you

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