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[2D Game] Action/infiltration

Recommended Posts Project Name : Dragon and Weed : Black Ghost OPS 2.0 -Creation date : May 2009 -Genre : 2D shooter -Web Site: [url] [/url] -Language used : C++ -Licence : FREE -Game Resolution : 960*544 West Dragon Productions : -Makioto :Programmation -Moi (Scenarist , gfx et game leader) News : -The game have now 10 levels vs 35 in older versions -The 10 levels are totally rebuilt -NO vehicules levels -Ennemy low resistants except Boss -Scenario lightly rewrote -Possibility to customize the controls (keyboard only) -80 % of the graphics rebuilt -New cutscenes ,(If someone want to help me for the English translation it wil be nice Smiley) -A solution and tutorial will be release with the 2.0 version. -Bonus characters could be download. -Images : -Videos : -Download : [Edited by - AxelTheAs on July 28, 2009 5:51:09 PM]

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