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Trying To Grasp Models/Meshs

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Hey all, so far I have managed to get my terrain rendering in OpenGL, and now its time for some models! Anyways, I'm trying to understand how to organize a very basic model. From what I understand Models are made up of meshes, meshes are made up of triangles. I just want to have a simple class which I can draw a very basic model, and then create an importer on my content pipeline to fill this class from various formats. I think I might attempt to read the basic stuff I need from Collada files, seems the easiest, since I know how to move around inside of xml. Anyways, does anyone know any tutorials on how to get a basic model rendering in opengl, any source code welcome to, or explanations, most stuff I find is on specific model formats, which doesn't give you much room to implement other formats. (I guess i'm looking at it from a engine perspective.) How do you guys organize your classes for this kind of stuff inside of your engine? Thanks a lot! :D

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