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[ Exp ] Random vs Identical Event Sequence

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Experiment: Random vs Identical Event Sequence This is related to procedurally generated contents, but not so related to Wavinator's thread to be a reply. This was a question that come up some time ago on when it is better to have a game stage with events that are: 1) randomly generated during the gamerun everytime, or 2) the same everytime. In a nutshell, given a game, can you tell whether it is better to have the stage the same everytime, or different everytime? Do you think that you would enjoy super mario better if each stage is randomly generated everytime you enter? For now, just keep your guess to yourself. What I want to do, is to post two versions of a flash minigame, one with a set sequence of event that can be memorized, and another with a random sequence of event. To be fair, the set sequence original randomly generated by the same algorithm, such that it is not by any mean designed to be better. My question is, do you want to see such a comparison? If so, would you provide a demo for such comparison (so that I don't have to make one). The way this thread will proceed is that if there are people interested, we would come up with a game to compare. Then, the description of the game will be given, so that the player can first make a prediction on which version they will like more. After they have made the prediction (and kept to themselves), they would proceed and play the two version and choose the better implementation of the two. A restriction of this thread is that we absolutely do not discuss which implementation will be better before there is a demo. For now: 1) If you are interested, please drop a note. 2) If you are not interested because you already know the answer, please drop a note but do not post the answer. 3) If you know an existing study, please drop a note but do not post the link. We can see whether the result can be replicated. 4) If you have a game ready for this purpose (with both versions) please also provide the game. 5) If people are interested but there is no demo, I will make a demo. 6) Please also post if you have other questions. This thread could use multiple demos. I expect that it will be observerable on the general conditions that favors random stage versus same stage and explore what other conclusions you might find.

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