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Starting in deferred shading

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I decided to make a try with deferred shading. For now i would like to make a simple directional light. So made Gbuffers: Position, Basecolor from texture, Normal, Depth (depth it's simply a copy resource from depthbuffer in D3D10). With this shader
PS_OUT ps_main(PS_INPUT In)
	PS_OUT output = (PS_OUT)0;
	float4 BaseColor = Texture.Sample(SamplText,In.Tex);
	output.Position = In.WorldPos;
	output.Normal = 0.5f * (float4(In.Nor,1.0f) + 1.0f); 
	output.Diffuse = BaseColor;
	return output;
But i noticed that, in order to make trasformation from screen space to world space and all this kind of conversion, there are some operations to do that i do not know. Infact, directional light is not the same making it in forward rendering.
float4 ps_draw(in float4 Pos:SV_POSITION, in float2 Tex:TEXCOORD)	:	SV_TARGET
	float4 TexC = BaseColor.Sample(SamplText,Tex);
	float3 Norm = 2.0f * Normal.Sample(SamplText,Tex).xyz - 1.0f;
	return TexC * max(0.0f,dot(Norm,normalize(LightDirection)));

void vs_draw (in float4 Pos:POSITION, in float2 Tex:TEXCOORD,out float4 WP:SV_POSITION,out float2 Tx:TEXCOORD)
	WP = float4(,1);
	Tx = Tex - halfpixel;

How should i insert data in buffers and retrive it in the same way??

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