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Death From Above (WIP v2)

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Hello all, A new build of DFA is ready for test flights A New Build Just for you: http://www.Gamesare.com/games/dfa/DFA.rar Based on comments and with a little help I present to you a new build of DFA, complete with Dogfights, bombing runs, cockpit bailouts, and flaming debris raining down from the sky. I hope you guys can volunteer as Test Pilots and run a couple of sortie missions. And Of course let me know what you think! info on Game Death From Above Our new Freeware game in development features Aerial Combat, Bombing and some neat flight maneuvers as well as the ability to deploy tanks from your base to liberate cities and bases from the enemy! The game is based in part on Compuscience's 1984 title Sopwith, Which I played for hours on end as a child on my trusty Tandy 1000. Game play consists of eight separate possible mission between four levels you play at any one time, Each missions overall objective is to eliminate all enemy fighters, tanks and defenses and to secure all Cities and Bases for your side. Liberation occurs when you deploy two tanks to a city or base. Once you have liberated a property it increases the number of tanks you can deploy by two. Also if you liberate a base you may use that for landing and refueling. You deploy tanks during a refuel/reload period in between sorties. During Air combat you can use Stalls to you advantage as well as pull of some special aerial maneuvers if you can figure out how to use them. Enemy fighters will do their best to end up on your tail and send some Lead you way, Also Gun emplacements and flak cannons protect tanks and enemy fortifications Combat features: * Stalls * Barrel Rolls * 180 Inverts * Bombs * Gunplay * U Turn maneuvers * Tanks engage other Enemy Turrets and Tanks * Flak Cannons Strategy Features: * Once landed at a base send out Tanks to the left or right * It takes two tanks to capture a enemy base or a city * Bases and Cities add 2 Tanks to your total can have in combat * once you capture a enemy base you may land and refuel their and issue build orders from it

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